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Today is 31 December , tomorrow will be 1st of January on 2012
Saturday, December 31, 2011 ? 0 comment ?
Hey! today we're still a kiddo , tomorrow we'll be a bigbig sister xP We've to face our biggest fear PMR xD! Ohgosh! People said PMR just a test, but for us is fuckin' important. " No facebook, No, twitter, No blogger, No broadband, No handphone *ohgoshiskiilinus*, No hang out" Who cares? Why we can't keep em' all ? Gahh D; common' parents we're just addicted to em' not DRUGS -.-' Hahaha, So please parents let us keep em' kaykaykay ? We love you muah :p HAHA. Gahh D; Dear parents, stop talk bout' " Study! " yeah we know, Study is important :) but no need to repeatrepeat :(

Dear 2012 please be good to us :')

- Yens & Anis :)

Thanks for reading :)

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