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Decathlon 2012 :)
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Yeah, this activities, its kinda amazing and challenging thou :D but sadlyy 1000 ++ students including ieka & anis were not included in this activities, only 100-200 students join this activities, ze principal was sad :'(  but we enjoyed berryberry the muchie. Bahaha xD! andand, you know whuut? My team name was funny as hell, guess what? " Vivian and the chippets " okayy? Onlyy ze chinese knoww, bahaha. I guess you all know baa ni kan? Shhh, don't read out loud :p its a badwords. Teacher Tan asked me, whattt ze meaning of " ze chippets " and i was like " BAHAHAHHAHA ! IDKKK! chipmunk's girlfriend baa teacher. haiyerr :p " Hmmm,  I talk too much uh? sorryyy. hope you don't mind :) So here the pictures :* 

First tasks " HISTORY BUZZ " 

- group talent, yeahh we love to play instruments :D We played ( go to the distance, thousand years, *chinese songs* sha gua ) Heeee , we got 130/150 :) Yayy! We were satisfied with our marks :)

Meeee :) that guitar belongs to Joceline. Nice uh? Redishh ;D

Sureeeeen :) 

Woahhhh ! magiciansss :D Hafizzudin :)

- Individual talent


Teammm captainn :p We won the first prize of (Orgami & history buzz )

Sad to say, I forgot to take ze pichaa of our class's orgami :(

smile :)

- yayyy ! <3

penutupannn :(
- So yeah, thats all :) FYI, banyak task ba ni, tapi ini saja saya dpatt :) So ini saja laaa. Hehehee :D


Thanks for reading :)

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