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Tuesday, February 14, 2012 ? 0 comment ?
So yeah, there was a boy who came into my life on NOVEMBER 2011, yaps! He was my crush and I really love him W my bigbig heart before. I used to cry at night because of him J I almost cry for almost two months. and Yaps he has a girlfriend , and they have been together for almost one year :’) He just wrote a notes for me, and yeah my tear drops once again, I’ve no idea why. To be honest, I hate him. Hahaha I’ve no idea why, it’s like yeah I just hate. Trololol. I’m sho happy that he still remember every single moments that we’ve been shared together ;’) I’m touch. Haha.  I’ve no idea why i loved him that much, i just do :/  Yaps I admit, when he came into my life I feel complete LIKE SERIOUSLY but day by day I feel sorry to her girlfriend and yeah I’m not supposed to enter his life. I’m bothering other’s relationship. Am I so bitchy like hell? it’s been one month we didn’t contact each other, I just don’t want to talk to him, like yeah I just don’t want. I felt very sorry to him, and his girlfriend too L I still remember the day we hang out together, we watch movie and so on :’) its really really makes my day. Don’t you know that? Andand I still remember he said “ saya tutup mata kayy tdak tengok pantat bebeh “ haha yaps he is a barrel of laugh. Lol. I’ll always laugh when he talk ;’) but that just a memories ;’) like what people said “ tinggal kenangan “ haha. and yeah I’ve a boyfriend before, we’ve been together for almost one year also, and because of him I dumb my boyfriend just like that. My boyfriend was like “ kau buat aku macam pakai buang “ and yeah I cried when I receive my boyfriend’s text ;’) I was like can I kill myself? I’m hurting the one who love me W his heart L Yaps, I guess you guys don’t know what I felt  and my boyfriend felt last two months ;’) I used to fake my smile at school and home. deep inside my heart nobody know except me and my bestfriend I guess? haha.  when I cry he always said “ every cloud has a silver lining “ first I just don’t care what he said, I just ignore his words. LOL. But now yeah I belive, I believe any bad happens, there is always something good will come out . For sure, I’ll take care of myself and you too kayy? I’m happy W the one I lovee so don’t  worry and thanks for the notes ;’) buhbyeeee Bennn ;) Hehe.  Eh wait hows you doin? Haha.

Guys! Do you believe in karma? I do. 

Thanks for reading :)

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