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You can't understand.
Thursday, March 15, 2012 ? 0 comment ?
You can't understand how hard it is to say no when he asking you back. Unless you have been in love before, you have no idea at all how hard it is, no matter how much he has hurt you or messed you up. When your in love you will look past every single bad thing in him, you will do anything to have him back in your life, and no matter how strong you think you are, and how you tell everyone you would never let someone back into your life who has treated you like shit, love changes everything. Love make you weak and vulnerable, it changes what you believe in, how you act, everything. And no matter what he has done, you would still do anything for him. So don't you dare judge someone for going back to him because if you never loved before, you really just don't understand :') 

- I love this quote, it's not written by me. I just copy and paste from tumblr :') 

Thanks for reading :)

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